2021 General Info & RULES

2021 Veterans Day Fishing Tournament

General Information & RULES

What:  An Open style bass fishing tournament for ALL anglers.  Open to everyone. Military Veterans that are active, retired, reserve to receive additional prizes.

Why:  To show support for ALL of our Veterans.

Where: Lake Anna, Va. at Anna Point Marina – Fish Tales.

When:  THURSDAY, November 11, 2021 (Veterans Day)….7AM-3PM…..If inclement weather…make up day is Saturday November 13, 2021

Entry Fee:  $50 entry fee. ($5 goes toward Big Fish & $5 goes toward donation to Winners Choice of a Veteran Charity.)

Payout:  90% – One place for every 5 boats entered.

Prizes: Over $5000 in prizes awarded to Veterans.  Over $2000 in prizes awarded to Supporters.  Guaranteed $1000 for 1st place and $500 for Big Fish. 

Registration:  Pre-registration begins on a date to be announced sometime in September, 2021 – Check, Pay-Pal, Venmo or Cash…no credit cards

FREE Ramp passes for VETERAN BOATERS ONLY……..(you will find them in your sign in package)


Veterans and supporting anglers may fish as a team (2) or solo w/ no more than 2 per boat

Pre-registration is the PREFERRED & ENCOURAGED method of payment of entry fee.   Check must be received by November 9, 2021 

……………or PayPal / Venmo until 11:59PM,  November 9, 2021.  PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW ADDRESS. 20646 SPRING CREEK DRIVE CULPEPER, VA. 22701

 CASH ONLY at the ramp the morning of the tournament

VDFT Waiver / Release form must be signed by all NEW anglers…if you fished in 2019 and filled out a waiver, you need not fill one out for 2021

Starting positions are based on the order in which entry fees are received

First flight for boats 1-30 is 7AM…..2nd flight for boats 31-60 is 7:15AM….3rd flight for boats 61-90 is 7:30AM and so on

Weigh in time for boats 1-30 is 3PM…..boats 31-60 is 3:15PM…..boats 61-90 is 3:30PM and so on.

5 fish limit per boat (12” minimum) largemouth or smallmouth bass

At no time can a team have more than five (5) fish in the live well. When a 6th fish is caught, all fishing must stop and culling begin.

Culling is to be done on the water, during the tournament. No culling at the ramp.

All anglers must have valid VA fishing license and abide by all state and federal laws

Only artificial lures may be used…..NO live or dead bait. Scents and pork chunks may be used

Live wells must be in working order and will be checked at blast off at the end of the LONG dock.

No more than one rod / reel per angler at any time and no rods over 8’ in length

No trolling with big motor and no fishing within 25 yards of another angler w/o permission.

No angler may leave the boat to land or catch a fish.

No angler shall leave the boat except in case of emergency, severe storms or nature calls

Life jackets must be worn whenever boat is on plane with kill switch attached

No off limits period and no off limit area unless posted by Dominion Power

All boats must observe the No Wake areas on the lake and use proper safe boating

No culling of dead fish and all live fish to be released at weigh in site.  Proper fish handling is expected of everyone.

No alcohol or un-prescribed drugs permitted prior to or during the tournament

Fighting, verbal slander, or any confrontations will not be tolerated & will result in disqualification

All boaters must carry adequate liability insurance and be equipped with USCG safety equipment.

Anglers may put boats on trailers and bring fish to scales in adequate weigh in bags of their own

PLEASE….after weighing your fish and having your picture taken….release fish immediately at the end of one of the deep water docks

PLEASE….use proper ramp etiquette…..unload and load quickly and DO NOT BLOCK RAMP


Anglers will be penalized 4 ounces (.25 lb) for each dead fish which includes Big Fish

Any team weighing a fish under 12” will be penalized 1 lb per fish under 12”

Teams will be penalized 1 lb per each minute they are late to weigh in time

Teams more than 10 minutes late will be disqualified

In case of a breakdown, you may travel back to the weigh in with your fish in another boat

Should you need to contact Larry Martin….his phone # is on the back of your boat # plate…540-222-5420


General Donation Request

The 8th Annual “Veterans Day Fishing Tournament”, for Veterans and supporting anglers, is soon approaching.  Held on Thursday, November 11, 2021 at Anna Point Marina, Lake Anna, Virginia, I anticipate this year to be yet another outstanding tournament. We regretfully cancelled last year’s tournament due to COVID 19 and hope this year we all can rebound and have a great day.

We have come a long way from our first tournament in 2013 with only 7 boats, to 2019 when we had a record 84 boats and became the largest tournament on the lake. The tournament weather was absolutely great, and 68 Veterans, 90 supporting anglers/donors, friends and families turned out for a fantastic day of fishing, comradery, celebration, competition and food.  $8400 in cash and prizes were awarded as well as $4120 in payout money. $420 was donated to The Reel American Heroes Foundation.

Retired, Active, or Reserve Military men and women are invited to compete in this Open style team bass tournament for cash and prizes, as are their supporting Patriots.

We had a total of 61 sponsors for the 2019 tournament and hope to see most of them back this year. To show your support, I ask that you consider a donation in the form of outdoor gear, fishing tackle,  gift cards, marine/boating equipment, certificates, hunting and fishing related products or cash.

To show your awareness that our Veterans are not forgotten for their service, your Company name/logo will appear on the Sponsor list flyer in October, social media, Facebook, our Website, Woods & Waters magazine, and at the actual tournament on our large sponsor banner.

“Veterans Day Fishing Tournament, Inc.”, achieved 501(C)(3) non-profit status in 2017 and your  donation could be tax deductible if applicable.  Any donation is greatly appreciated.

I could not do all that I do without the support and generosity of companies like yours.  If you or your company would be interested in supporting this worthy event, or need more information, please feel free to contact me at 540-222-5420 or at vdft.lka@gmail.com. You can also visit our website at www.veteransdayfishingtournament.org

Thank you in advance for your consideration.  With kind regards,

Larry Martin


Veterans Day Fishing Tournament, Inc.

20646 Spring Creek Drive Culpeper, Va.  22701


OK Peeps. As promised, the raffle for the Weber SmokeFire wood pellet grill will begin at Noon tomorrow. (January 11th). Drawing will be Saturday – September 11, 2021. Here is how it will go. Tickets are $5 each. If you buy 10 or more, they are $4 each. There are several ways to pay for the tickets.1) Preferred. By Paypal. Email is vdft.lka@gmail.com2) Check by mail. Veterans Day Fishing Tournament 20646 Spring Creek Drive Culpeper, Va. 22701-82773. By cash whenever you see me.Once I receive your payment, I will send you a photo of your tickets by text or email…..so be sure to include both with your payment.This is a chance to win a very nice grill worth $1200. See photos below and link. https://www.weber.com/…/smokefire-series/23510201.html…

2020 VDFT

Hey folks. In case you didn’t get an email from me or you have not seen anything on Facebook or other social media……there will be NO Veterans Day Fishing Tournament this year. We will resume next year in 2021. Everyone stay safe and thank you to all Veterans.

In past years, the “pre-registration” has been on September 11th. This year, (for a couple of reasons), the pre-registration will NOT be on September 11th. I will select a date totally unknown to anyone but myself. It will be sometime in September, but NOT the 11th. I will notify everyone via, email, Facebook, and Va-Outdoors.com just before I open pre-registration. PLEASE DO NOT send me any payment by check, Paypal, or hand me cash if I see you before I announce the date. This keeps it fair for all anglers.