Pay Entry Fee

Pre-registration begins on September 11, 2018.  There are currently 3 methods of payment of the $50 entry fee. Check, Paypal, or Cash.

If paying by Check make out to:

Veterans Day Fishing Tournament

5747 Wilshire Drive    Warrenton, Va. 20187

I will receive checks by mail until November 9, 2018.  Don’t forget to mail your signed Liability form with your payment or as soon as possible. Boat #’s will be assigned in the order that your “entry fee” is received.

If using Paypal, go to family & friends and use to pay.  This is quickest and preferred payment method.  I will receive Paypal payments until November 9, 2018.  You can email your signed Liability form or fax to 540-349-2070.

You can pay by Cash anytime you see me or on the morning of the tournament.  Do not send cash by mail.  Make sure you sign the Liability form at registration.If you have any questions, please call Larry Martin at 540-222-5420.