2022 PLATINUM Sponsor

This month begins the acknowledgement of sponsors that have generously contributed to the 2022 VDFT thus far.  In the history of the Veterans Day Fishing Tournament, there has never been one company that has towered above the rest to become a “PLATINUM” level sponsor. MLT Systems, Mark Tornai and the Tornai family have gone above & beyond in taking the time, energy and resources to boost the 2022 VDFT to a new level in donations.  Please read about MLT Systems below and show your gratitude by welcoming them as the PREMIER sponsor for this year’s tournament.
Thank you MLT Systems, Mark, Clariss and Kayla.
“Founded in February 2008, MLT Systems LLC is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), located in Stafford Virginia. Mark Tornai, the company founder, President/Chief Executive Officer, is a retired United States Marine Corps Officer who has a combined 20 years of Acquisition and Life Cycle Management experience, both in and out of uniform. MLT Systems’ mission is to serve the professional men and women who are called upon to protect our homeland through meaningful customer engagement and workforce empowerment in providing unparalleled Program Management, Lifecycle Logistics, Engineering, Finance, and Training solutions. MLT Systems strives to maintain high professional and ethical standards while creating and cultivating a family-oriented environment for all employees.”

2021 Stats

It was a grand day this past Veterans Day. The VDFT had a record turnout of 103 teams / boats. The weather was great and once again we are the largest tournament at Lake Anna for the year. Thank you Veterans past and present, and all of you future Military service men and women and to the great supporters that show their appreciation. Here are a few stats for the day.
We had a total of 192 anglers.
73 Veterans and 119 Supporters
Air Force…….6
Coast Guard…..3
Nat. Guard……..2
A Total of 278 largemouth bass were caught and all of them released alive and well.
570.50 lbs of fish total
We had 0 dead fish…..(good job anglers)
There were 46….5 fish limits.
68 teams weighed in fish
35 teams zeroed
58 Sponsors
$10,715 worth of sponsored prizes were given out.
20 prize packages to Veterans
12 prize packages to Supporters
$4230 was paid out to 20 places
$1000 was paid out for 1st place
$515 was paid out for Big Fish
$515 will be donated by Cox/Wollersheim to a Veteran charity of their choosing.

2021 list of pre-registered teams

Pre-registration is now closed. You can still pay cash in the morning. Exact $50 entry fee is appreciated. The pre-registered teams are listed below. Please give me your boat # at the sign in table tomorrow morning.

1st FLIGHT1…Jarvis Raynor / Keith Fillmore2…Mike Malamphy/ Tom Waters3…Chris McManus / Vince Morris4…Bill Kleindienst / Scott VanHorn5…Jim Hill / Terry Medhurst6…Larry Henry / Tristan Henry7…Matt Conners /TBD8…Joe Kunz / Erich Kunz9…Bill Rysanek / Mark Light10..James Triplett / Daine Nelson11..Steve McGuire / Brian Lindamood12..Rob Racer / Stephanie Racer13..Corie Cornelius / Perry Stephenson14..Dwayne Holler / Rick Nuggent15..Eric Howe / Chuck Adams16..Mike Heatwole / Mark Heatwole17..Tim Covington / Tyler Covington18..Erik Lunde / Aaron Ball19..Mike Hepburn / Tony Czerwinski20..Larry Wollersheim / Preston Cox21..Tim Shank / Keith Jenkins22..Garry Cramer /TBD23..Caleb Bailey / Bill Bailey24..Wayne Snow / George Herring25..Dustin MacCumbee / Mike Gregory26..Tom Imlay / Darryl Allen27..Tyrone Guyse / Mike Forgach28..Jim Sutton / Ben Gibson29..Bryon Conley / Melvin Fulk30..Barry Bunch / Jr. Hillyard

2nd FLIGHT31..Timmy Jones / Phil Wilcox32..John Pastino / Jack Boyer33..Jesse Forrester / Pierre Larkin34..Paul Logan / L J Logan35..Kris Johnson / Lee Odell36..John Molnar / Jay Molnar37…Mike Beachy / TBD38…Nick Covington / Mike Snow39…Jim Whittman / Josh Moon40..Matt Seale / Rusty Vance41..Rick Chenoweth / David Palacios42..Custis Welton / Shawn Smith43.. Josh Hall / Matt Martin44..Jeff Parrish / Clayton Gatewood45..James Maupin / Hunter Seitz46..Donnie Ward / Donnie Ward, Sr.47..Doug Grubbs / Bobby Fincham48..James Baker / Austin Baker49..Gary Hicks / Darrel Hicks50..Paul Spence / Guy Maupin51..Allen Holiskey / James Holiskey52..Doug Fisher / Robert Whorton53..Jacob Melrose / Rob Canady54..Eric Rowe / Nate Kendrick55..Lee Martin / TBD56..Daniel Harlow / Matt Clark57..Richard Steward / Stanley Jackson58..Jeff Buttolph / Roland Buttolph59.. Gary Colt / Ace Gainer60..Jay Perkins / Rick Perks

3rd FLIGHT61.. Stephen Campbell / Bobby Campbell62..Brandon Miskell / David Grant63..Mike LaRocque / TBD64..Carl Weigand / Mark Tornai65..Alan Alfonso / James Ashley66..Bradley Whitfield / TBD67..Brad Baber / Tonia Chestnut68..Bill Koren / Steve Yokum69..Eric Hovey / Jeff Jones70..Matt Wood / Charles Woodard71..Erik Anderson / TBD72..Sonny Gleason / John Robinson73..Roy Dodson / John Doyle74..Giles Kesteloot / TBD75..David Collins / Matt Lewisson

2021 RULES Updated

2021 Veterans Day Fishing Tournament Rules and Info

General Information

What:  An Open style bass fishing tournament for ALL anglers.  Open to everyone. Military Veterans that are active, retired, reserve to receive additional prizes.

Why:  To show support for ALL of our Veterans.

Where: Lake Anna, Va. at Anna Point Marina – Fish Tales.

When:  THURSDAY, November 11, 2021 (Veterans Day)….7AM-3PM…..If inclement weather…make up day is Saturday November 13, 2021

Entry Fee:  $50 entry fee. ($5 goes toward Big Fish & $5 goes toward donation to Winners Choice of a Veteran Charity.)

Payout:  90% – One place for every 5 boats entered.

Prizes: Over $6000 in prizes awarded to Veterans.  Over $3000 in prizes awarded to Supporters.  Guaranteed $1000 for 1st place and $500 for Big Fish. 

Registration:  Pre-registration begins on September 20, 2021 at 6:00AM  – Check, Pay-Pal, Venmo or Cash…no credit cards

FREE Ramp passes for VETERAN BOATERS ONLY……..(you will find them in your sign in package)..All others please pay Dave at Fish Tales


Veterans and supporting anglers may fish as a team (2) or solo w/ no more than 2 per boat

Pre-registration is the PREFERRED & ENCOURAGED method of payment of entry fee.   Check must be received by November 9, 2021 

……………or PayPal / Venmo until 11:59PM,  November 9, 2021.  PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW ADDRESS. 20646 SPRING CREEK DRIVE CULPEPER, VA. 22701

 CASH ONLY at the ramp the morning of the tournament

VDFT Waiver / Release form must be signed by all NEW anglers…if you fished in 2019 and filled out a waiver, you need not fill one out for 2021

Starting positions are based on the order in which entry fees are received

First flight for boats 1-30 is 7AM…..2nd flight for boats 31-60 is 7:15AM….3rd flight for boats 61-90 is 7:30AM and so on

Weigh in time for boats 1-30 is 3PM…..boats 31-60 is 3:15PM…..boats 61-90 is 3:30PM and so on.

5 fish limit per boat (12” minimum) largemouth or smallmouth bass

At no time can a team have more than five (5) fish in the live well. When a 6th fish is caught, all fishing must stop and culling begin.

Culling is to be done on the water, during the tournament. No culling at the ramp.

All anglers must have valid VA fishing license and abide by all state and federal laws

Only artificial lures may be used…..NO live or dead bait. Scents and pork chunks may be used

Live wells must be in working order and will be checked at blast off at the end of the LONG dock.

No more than one rod / reel per angler at any time and no rods over 8’ in length

No trolling with big motor and no fishing within 25 yards of another angler w/o permission.

No angler may leave the boat to land or catch a fish.

No angler shall leave the boat except in case of emergency, severe storms or nature calls

Life jackets must be worn whenever boat is on plane with kill switch attached

No off limits period and no off limit area unless posted by Dominion Power

All boats must observe the No Wake areas on the lake and use proper safe boating

No culling of dead fish and all live fish to be released at weigh in site.  Proper fish handling is expected of everyone.

No alcohol or un-prescribed drugs permitted prior to or during the tournament

Fighting, verbal slander, or any confrontations will not be tolerated & will result in disqualification

All boaters must carry adequate liability insurance and be equipped with USCG safety equipment.

Anglers may put boats on trailers and bring fish to scales in adequate weigh in bags of their own

If you are not weighing in any fish, please let Lee know at the weigh in table.  Do not call or text us. We are a little busy.

PLEASE….after weighing your fish and having your picture taken by Tina Phipps….release fish immediately at the end of one of the deep water docks

PLEASE….use proper ramp etiquette…..unload and load quickly and DO NOT BLOCK RAMP


Anglers will be penalized 4 ounces (.25 lb) for each dead fish which includes Big Fish

Any team weighing a fish under 12” will be penalized 1 lb per fish under 12”

Teams will be penalized 1 lb per each minute they are late to weigh in time

Teams more than 10 minutes late will be disqualified

In case of a breakdown, you may travel back to the weigh in with your fish in another boat.  ALSO…. TOWBOATUS will be available on the lake that day.

Should you need to contact Larry Martin….his phone # is on the back of your boat # plate…540-222-5420